Andrew Wegst's first camera didn't even take pictures but it was enough to get him hooked. Born in LA, raised all over, living in San Francisco, Andrew (or Andy as his Mom prefers) has been photographing and filming the world for most of his life.


He considers it a privilege to have traveled to all seven continents and over forty countries in pursuit of compelling images. Clients ranging from major networks and corporations to non-profits and small companies have trusted him to bring their story to life. His recent work on "Super Hummingbirds" for PBS Nature brought a national Emmy win for 2017 Outstanding Cinematography in a Documentary. Andy also recently produced/directed and shot a series of 5 one-hour films for WildAid and Shanghai Media Group. Each episode examines the plight of a critically endangered animal and the series is set for national broadcast across China in late 2017.


When not writing about himself in the third person or taking selfies for his website, Andy loves to spend as much time outdoors photographing his favorite subject, the world.  In addition to a never ending quest to find the humor in every situation, he also likes to call himself flexible, resourceful and fun.  These qualities come in handy when he finds himself in Antarctica or Africa or in the boardroom or even in the classroom teaching and mentoring a new generation of image makers which he has done extensively.


Andrew has a passion for animals and donates time and energy to helping them find forever homes.  He has always had critters around the house and currently enjoys the company of Dinky (to the right) and Sharkie (above), who mysteriously ended up in his car after a shoot.

It's really all about those three words.  CREATE every time you can.  COLLABORATE with everyone you can.  CONTRIBUTE everywhere you can.  Thanks for stopping by and let's work together sometime!